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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  1. How do I become a Beauty Solution Influencer (BSI)?
    Online membership visit and sign up as sothys BSI.
  2. What is my membership status?
    This is a lifetime membership.
  3. How can i be entitled to Members Exclusive deal?
    With any purchase of 2 normal priced products, you're entitled to 17% rebates.
    With any purchase of 3 normal priced products & above, you're entitled to 22% rebates.
  4. Can I use my RM50 PROMO CODE and 5% discount (birthday treat) together?
    No, only one promo code applies in a single online transaction.
  5. How do I earn the 5% rebates on my purchase?
    With EVERY RM550 spent in a single bill (Unlimited transaction) You're entitled to a 5% rebate.
  6. When can I use my rebates?
    You may either apply the rebates on your next purchase, or you can choose to accumulate.
    your rebates and for future purchase(s).
  7. Will my rebates expire?
    Yes, rebates will expire 2 years after the date earned.
  8. Can I accumulate my rebates?
    Yes, you may accumulate & redeem yourr rebates anytime.
  9. Am I allowed to combine my rebates with my friends?
    No, each BSI is only allowed to have one registered account.
  10. When can I use my birthday treat and how can I use it?
    You can only use it on your birthday month.
    During your birthday month you're entitled for:
    5% discount with any spending (include promo and non-promo retail) and 50% off treatment in Sothys salons.
*Tie-up vouchers cannot combine with other promotions, rebates and discounts.

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Follow Us!        SothysMalaysia  |

Follow Us!        SothysMalaysia  |