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Automatic Re-Ordering Program Enrollment Agreement ("Agreement")

The Automatic Re-Ordering ("Program") is an optional program by which a consumer may become a participant of this Program and place a continuing order to be charged against the specified credit card listed on the front page of this Agreement. By signing this Agreement, the consumer participating in this Program agrees to the following terms and conditions:

  1. I understand and agree that in order to qualify as a valid order under the Program and thus to be entitled to the Automatic Re-Ordering ("ARO") discount, ( i ) I shall make a purchase of the selected ARO product in a single invoice.
  2. I will specify the selection and quantity of the products that I desire to receive bi-monthly based on the plan I have chosen as specified on the Automatic Re-Ordering Program Enrollment Contract ("Enrollment Contract") which forms part of this Agreement.
  3. I will supply SOCIETE FRANCAISE DE COSMETIQUES SDN BHD ("Company"), in the space provided on the Enrollment Contract, valid credit card number(s) along with the expiry date(s), name of the cardholder(s), and any additional information requested by the Company.
  4. I understand and agree that the products selected on the Enrollment Contract shall be delivered to me, where applicable, on ("Delivery Date") in accordance with this Agreement, unless I notify the Company in writing of any amendments I wish to make within ten (10) working days before the bi-Monthly Delivery Date, where applicable. The Company will make the adjustments specified in my written notification no later than thirty (30) working days after receiving such notice. Notwithstanding thereof, I represent that I will not hold the Company responsible for not able to deliver the products in accordance with the adjustments specified in my written notification. I will pay the Company all charges incurred for such change / adjustment. I have chosen under the Enrollment Contract to have the products delivered to me, the products will be delivered to me within seven (7) working days and I understand that the Company may change the bi-Monthly Delivery Date if the bi-Monthly Delivery Date falls on a public holiday. I agree to pay the Company a delivery charge of RM 10 for West Malaysia and RM20 for East Malaysia (0 % GST inclusive) for delivering of products to my address.
  5. I understand that the specific product which I have chosen to receive on my Enrollment Contract may be discontinued by the Company for any reason. In such situations, the Company will notify me of the change and will continue to send me the remaining items, and substitute another product of equal or greater value, unless I direct the Company by written notice to make other arrangements and subject to the terms of this Agreement, the Company will follow my new instructions no later than thirty (30) working days of my written notice. Price and/or delivery fee and/or administrative charge (if applicable) will automatically be adjusted in accordance with the cost of the discontinued product(s).
  6. I understand that the price of the specified products which I have chosen to receive on my Enrollment Contract may change due to repackaging, improvements, or other reasons. When such price change occur, the Company will notify me of any price change and, unless I direct the Company in writing to do otherwise by serving the Company ten (10) working days prior written notice, the Company will continue to send me the products specified in the Enrollment Contract at the adjusted price and I will be deemed to be agreeing to purchase the products at the adjusted price commencing from the bi-Monthly Delivery Date immediately after the adjusted price takes effect. I understand that I will receive a 100% refund on any product of which the price has been adjusted if I notify the Company in writing and return the products in resalesable condition to the Company within thirty (30) working days of the date of the first bi-Monthly Delivery Date immediately after the adjusted price takes effect.
  7. I hereby authorize the Company to establish an automatic credit card debit arrangement as specified in the Enrollment Contract to pay for each ARO order and all related fees and charges, including but not limited to shipping charges, applicable taxes and fees charged by banks or credit card companies, and also, if the circumstances arise, to pay for the administrative charges specified in paragraphs D and I of this Agreement. The Company will make no other charges to the specified credit card account except those I have authorized.
  8. I understand and agree that the Company can immediately terminate this Agreement without notice if the credit card(s) to which product purchases under this Agreement have been charged have expired, are cancelled, or are otherwise terminated. I certify that the information provided by me is complete and accurate. Without limiting the foregoing, I undertake that:

    a) I am legally and fully entitled to use any credit card and/or such other method or modality of payment as may be agreed between the parties for the purpose of making the purchase; and

    b)there are sufficient funds in the chosen method or modality of payment to cover the total cost of my purchases, including any applicable delivery charges.

  9. I understand and agree that except where I have ordered Products for a consecutive six (6) orders in twelve (12)month period ,early termination of this Agreement will result in an administrative charge of RM 100 (0% GST inclusive).For the avoidance of doubt, in the event this Agreement is terminated for whatever reason, I will not be entitled to purchase the Company's products at ARO price, unless and until the Company accepts my new application for joining this Program in accordance with paragraph J of this Agreement.
  10. I understand and agree that this Agreement will be terminated without notice if I breach any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement. If this Agreement is terminated for whatever reason, I may re-establish a bi-monthly order relationship with the Company by submitting a new Enrollment Contract which may be accepted or rejected by the Company at its sole discretion. I understand that I am not entitled to claim any damages for the Company if this Agreement is terminated due to my breach of any terms and conditions of this Agreement.
  11. I acknowledge that administrative time and costs will be incurred by the Company to retain products purchased but remain undelivered to me. Accordingly, I agree to pay such costs incurred IN THE EVENT THAT:-

    a) Where I have requested the Company and the Company has agreed to deliver any products to me but the Company is unable to deliver such products to me due to an incorrect or incomplete delivery address or the unavailability of the named recipient at the address provided by me, and I fail or neglect to collect the products from the Company within three (3) months from the date of purchase.

    THEN upon the expiry of the aforesaid period of three (3) months, I shall be deemed to have requested the Company to forfeit undelivered/uncollected products and whereupon the Company shall, without further reference, notice or account to me, to forfeit such products. I understand that the Company will not make any refund for the forfeited products
  12. I understand that the Company has the right to serve thirty (30) days prior notice on me to make any amendments on this Agreement from time to time. Unless I expressly indicate my objection to the Company on such amendments by written notice within ten (10) working days of issue of the notice by the Company, I hereby agree and accept any amendments by the Company on this Agreement.
    I acknowledge that the information and materials of the products may contain inaccuracies or errors and I expressly exclude the Company any liability for any such inaccuracies or errors to the fullest extent permitted by law. I understand that the Company is in no event responsible or liable for any injuries, loss and damages, costs and expenses incurred or suffered by me arising out of or in connection with the purchase of the products.
  13. In the event of any conflict between any terms in this Agreement and the Policies and Procedures of the Company, the Policies and Procedures shall prevail.