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Its Created For A Purpose

Short nights and hectic days are something most of us can relate to. That is why our skin is constantly exposed to different harsh environments that can damage the skin. This can result in greater effect in skin ageing such as increase in wrinkles, acnes, and dark spots.

Sothys Answer

With the user's lifestyle and convenience in mind, Sothys Advanced Research has selected the latest generation and highly effective active ingredients to preserve the skin's youth, with a simple nightly routine.

Applying Noctuelle Vitamin C night after night allows the skin to renew its cell during the night. This results in visibly renewed skin that appears rested, younger, and more radiant.


Exclusive Benefits

Why join the VC Club?


Save up to
RM 2,420 per year.


Glowing & Younger skin for 365 days.


We have full control of our products internally down to research and development and sourcing the ingredient for our vitamin C. That means you will always get the best quality in every capsule.


To ensure you receive the freshest product, our golden capsule keeps the Vitamin C fresh and precise. This ensures the concentration of the vitamin c serum to deliver its benefits to your skin.

Sustainable Result Skincare For You By Professionals

We believe in empowering people to feel their best all year long. So we created this sustainable solution for Asian skin, which has everything you need to feel and look young.

  • Glamorous and confident. That's what you'll see and feel when you add Vitamin C into your nightly routine and wake up looking younger in the morning. See brighter skin in 14 days.
  • Boost your skin's protective barrier against environmental stressors and anti-free radicals.
  • Our innovative technology ensures our golden capsules are formulated with potent but non-invasive ingredients for maximum effectiveness on your skin.
  • Our Vitamin C protects against oxidative damage and helps optimize the skin's ability to regenerate cells which is most optimal when you rest at night.
  • Keep your skin in the most optimal condition for continuous glowing skin.
  • Embrace your life with confidence and glamour. Vitamin C reduce the effects of ageing by boosting the renewal of cells.

Best Paired With

Our packages gives you the best pairings with Vitamin C for the best results for your skin.

Noctuelle Vitamin C +
Nutritive Ultra Lipid SOS Serum:

Boost the skin protective barrier keeping it protected against the elements.

Noctuelle Vitamin C +
Noctuelle Renovative Night Cream:

Helps strengthen and renew skin cells allowing the Vitamin C to work effectively while resting.

Noctuelle Renovative micro-capsules Serum with Pure Vitamin C

What It Is

20% Pure Vitamin C Serum.

What It Is

Known for its action on collagen, melanin and ability to resist against stress, here it is concentrated at 20% to restore radiance and firmness to the skin while reducing dark spots.


What Else You
Need To Know

  • Powerful Antioxidant: neutralizes free radicals to prevent skin damage.
  • Anti-Aging: protection, ↑ collagen, keratinocyte differentiation, synthesis of epidermal lipids.
  • Lightening Activity: ↓ melanin synthesis.

Why NoctuelleTM Renovative Micro Capsules

Our Pure Vitamin C serum consists of a cocktail of 4 vitamins that being, A, C, E, and F. These 4 vitamins have been carefully chosen for their beneficial properties:

  • Vitamin A is renowned for regulating keratinization and for its anti-aging action.
  • Vitamin C is renowned for its antioxidant properties, for regenerating vitamin E and providing photoprotection.
  • Vitamin E is renowned for its membrane antioxidant action and for protecting against oxidative damage.
  • Vitamin F is renowned for its ability to regenerate the cells of membranes and tissues.


Reduce Wrinkle Depth

Picture 1

Picture 2

We can see in Picture 1 the amount of wrinkle depth a person has without using the Vitamin C. However, after 8 weeks of consistent application of the Vitamin C, we see in Picture 2 there are significant results in the skin especially in the reduction of wrinkle depth.

Reduce Acne Spots

Picture 3

Picture 4

As you can see in Picture 3, she has been experiencing with acne and breakouts on her skin, but after using the Noctuelle Vitamin C serum, the skin (Picture 4) has shown drastic improvements and the acne spots has been reduced and the skin is much healthier now.

Reduce Hyperpigmentation

Picture 5

Picture 6

In Picture 5, we can see that he has been developing hyperpigmentation on his skin throughout the years. However, after using the Noctuelle Vitamin C serum, the hyperpigmentation (Picture 6) on his face have slowly started to reduce and his skin has gotten a lot brighter!

Reduce Dark Spots

Picture 7

Picture 8

In Picture 7, she has developed grouped up dark spots on her skin rather than separated, but with the application of the Noctuelle Vitamin C serum, the dark spots (Picture 8) on her skin have started to fade smoothly.

How It Works

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About VC Club

VC Club is a special package made for Noctuelle Vitamin C customers to enjoy a more affordable rate of yearly Vitamin C packages.

Yes! We invite everyone to join our club as we believe in empowering anyone to shine their brightest.

You can subscribe to our packages through

VC is an acronym for Vitamin C.

Shipment & Payment

No, there are no additional fees or hidden charges applied.

We have 2 packages available.

Package A @ RM2394:

  • NoctuelleTM Renovative Micro Capsules - Serum With Pure Vitamin C (x 4)
  • Ultra-lipid SOS Serum ( x2)

Package B @ RM3990:

  • NoctuelleTM Renovative Micro Capsules - Serum With Pure Vitamin C (x 4)
  • NoctuelleTM Renovative Night Cream (x 4)
  • Ultra-lipid SOS Serum (x 2)

Yes, you can! Our products are available for purchase at

The package will be shipped out in 2 shipments. The first shipment would be ship out upon your date of purchase. The second shipment would be shipped out in the middle of your yearly package duration.

No. For details please visit Sothys BSI

About Vitamin C

Noctuelle Renovative Vitamin C Serum comes with active ingredient which is potent and non-invasive - Recommended to have maximum one application per day in the evening together with a moisturizer. We also recommend to have a month break from applying vitamin C after every 2 months.

We recommend you hydrate your skin (with Hydra Hyaluronic Acid4 Intensive Serum) before applying the Vitamin C serum.

Our packages include the Vitamin C along with Nutritive Ultra Lipid SOS Serum and Noctuelle Renovative Night Cream*. We recommend pairing the Vitamin C along with the products included to give your skin the best result it deserves.

*Noctuelle Renovative Night Cream only comes in Package B.

The golden capsule is made to keep the Vitamin C fresh and precise. We recommend storing in a cool and dry place and away from humid atmosphere.

The Vitamin C is friendly for all skin types however we recommend applying moisturizer each time after applying the vitamin C to keep your skin moisturized.

Vitamin C users will notice an immediate improvement of skin radiance.

We recommend using it within 60 days from when product is received.

Yes, preferable age 25 and above.