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Sustainable Result Skincare For You By Professionals

Noctuelle™ Renovative Micro Capsules Serum with Pure Vitamin C (60 Capsules)

Incorporate this golden capsules serum into your evening treatment ritual for an overnight skin rejuvenation power. These unique micro-capsules, which are plant-based and 100% biodegradable, deliver the right amount of pure vitamin C (20%) serum to your skin, in a velvety-soft formula.

Night after night, your skin is visibly transformed by the effects of this serum containing 20% pure vitamin C, with proven efficiency on radiance and the appearance of the signs of ageing (firmness, wrinkles and dark spots).

Ultra-Lipid SOS Serum (30ml)

Ultra-lipid SOS serum, with a dry texture, was formulated to immediately soothe feelings of discomfort and restore balance to the skin’s ecosystem. appears soothed. The skin quickly becomes more comfortable, and appears soothed.

Driven by its Advanced research discoveries, Sothys is launching a new-generation nourishing solution able to rebuild the protective barrier, to protect the skin microbiota and to comfort the skin.

Noctuelle™ Renovative Night Cream (50ml)

Night after night, this cream with a relaxing fragrance visibly renews your skin’s youth. Its core formula contains the cosmetic anti-ageing power, boosted by double collagen and an AHA complex + organic blackcurrant buds to revive the complexion. After a day subjected to aggression, the skin is visibly regenerated and benefits from the repairing power of the night to reveal visibly renewed skin, which appears rested and younger in the morning.

The science behind the cream with 3 key actions and the latest generation and highly effective active ingredients :
REGENERATE: Sea-buckthorn oil and Jania rubens algae

RESTRUCTURE:Jania rubens algae and vitamin cocktail: A/C/E/F

RENEW: AHA and ORGANIC blackcurrant buds

Direction of Usage -
1. Open Noctuelle™ Renovative Micro Capsules and squeeze onto fingertips

2. Immediately apply on face evenly

3. Gently tap for better penetration

4. Pour a few drops of Ultra-Lipid SOS Serum into the palm of your hand and apply all over the face and neck

5. Apply Noctuelle™ Renovative Night Cream over the face and neck